ISC Engineering Overmold Tooling
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Circular Style Overmolds

Circular Product Window

ISC Engineering provides a wide range of overmolding options from simple CPC style to Industrial grade mil-circular type connectors. These cable assemblies are both aesthetically pleasing and provide enhanced environmental and performance characteristics that are essential in a variety of rugged and challenging environments.

Strain relief and pull strength can be significantly improved with the use of overmolds. In addition many “potting” applications are being converted to injection molding as more cost effective solutions. The elimination of the metal backshells reduces material costs, and often provides a higher performance product at lower cost.

ISC Engineering can offer interconnect solutions for industrial grade applications.  Our off the shelf solutions combined with our custom tooling resources can help our customers meet their specific product requirements.  Our overmold solutions are used in numerous types of applications: energy, stage lighting, material handling, motion control and various commercial electronic and industrial applications.

ISC’s modular tooling design provides maximum flexibility in interchangeable sections, providing a lower cost approach to tooling. Click here for further information...

Optional flexible strain relief's can be added as a separate lamination to this mold design at any time. See section "Strain Relief's" for the options.